Airbrush Hollywood , released on Spinnup Records on 15th August 2015, is Mark's first album, with 13 original songs.

 The track order is:

  1. Heartbreakers
  2. Ready to Roll
  3. Gods of California
  4. Smoke
  5. Black & White
  6. Hit and Run
  7. Like Lovers Do
  8. Just Wanna Dance
  9. 7 Days of Rain
  10. Coked Up
  11. Still Rock and Roll
  12. Vale Park Blues
  13. Broken

All songs copyright Mark Whiteley
except  'Gods of California' ( Mark Whiteley / Steve Lawson)
and 'Ready to Roll' (Mark Whiteley / Nigel Whiteley)

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Album Credits:

Mark Whiteley
Backing Vocals:   Mandy Fisher, Steve Lawson
Acoustic Guitars:  Graham Kinnear,  Steve Lawson, Paul Robotham, Mark Whiteley, Nigel Whiteley
Bass Guitar:  Andy Brooker, Steve Lawson, Paul Robotham,  Nigel Whiteley, 
Electric Guitars:  Steve Lawson, Paul Robotham, Nigel Whiteley
Tenor Sax:  Brian 'Saxophone' Jones,  Mark Whiteley
Piano / Hammond/ Keyboards:  Colin Gort,  Steve Lawson, Paul Robotham
Strings:   Steve Lawson,  Paul Robotham, Nigel Whiteley
Harmonica:   Joe  'The Blow'  Barrow,  Frank Dennis,  Keith Sartain

Recorded at various locations, but mainly at FYNK studios, Wallasey
Engineered by:  
Paul Robotham, with Additional Engineering:  Steve Lawson, Nigel Whiteley
Physical CD Album Manufactured at FYNK Studios, Wallasey, UK

'Airbrush Hollywood'  All Rights Reserved   2015  


Airbrush Hollywood (Album)